World Wildlife Day - 3rd March

World Wildlife Day was started by the United Nations to celebrate and raise awareness of the world's wild animals and plants. This collection contains resources for both primary and secondary pupils looking at wildlife both globally and in the UK, the habitats they occupy, and how both wildlife and habitats can be protected.



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ARKive works with the world's best filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists to create a multimedia guide to the world's endangered species. The educational resources produced by ARKive help students to understand concepts of evolution and biodiversity and contain rich images of a wide variety of...

Biodiversity and habitat loss

This resource from the European Space Agency climate change resource pack explores the topic of biodiversity and how habitat loss is a key driver of global biodiversity loss occurring today. In a series of activities students explore the importance of biodiversity focusing in particular on distributions of common...

Investigating the Biodiversity of Different Habitats

In this resource, students investigate the biodiversity of different habitats, looking at the relative abundance of different plant species. Students carry out a practical activity in the school grounds or other green space, comparing the diversity of habitats using Cairns' sequential comparison index.


What to Conserve?

With the increasing pressure of a growing human population it is becoming increasingly difficult to conserve natural habitats. Ultimately, not every green space can be afforded conservation protection. This field study encourages students to act as environmental scientists to compare different habitats and decide...