This collection of resources aims to develop an awareness of the types of wildlife found in the UK, in particular amphibians and reptiles. Providing tips on how to identify animals and where to look to find them, they also consider some of the threats these animals face and the things which may be done to help them.

Resources include: how to create a pond, an identification guide, activity worksheets and a book which celebrates different generations’ childhood experiences of nature.

The resources have been produced by Froglife, a national wildlife conservation charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats.



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This collection contains a series of reports on projects carried out by the wildlife charity Froglife which look at various aspects of biodiversity, habitats and environmental education. They present the findings of the projects and evaluate interactive exhibitions which looked at:

* childhood memories of...

Froglife Activity Sheets

Aimed at primary level, this resource contains seven activity ideas which link to work on animals, living things and their habitats and design and technology. The activities, which contain step by step instructions and photographs, are:

* Making a mini-pond
* Pond dipping
* Making a toad home...

Just Add Water

This resource, aimed at primary level, links to the topics of living things and their habitats and seasonal changes. The colourful booklet provides a step-by-step guide to creating a pond, large or small, to provide a habitat in which frogs, newts and other wildlife flourish. It looks at the value of wildlife ponds...

Urban Tails: a Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles in Urban Areas

This resource, aimed at primary level, provides a complete guide to amphibians and reptiles in urban areas, including how to identify them, where to find them and how to create a habitat which encourages them to thrive.

The ID guide includes ideas on where to look to find reptiles and amphibians and tips on...