Six for Six Module 3 - Energy for thrills

These Six for Six activities, from Siemens, enhance key stage three pupils' understanding of energy. The key idea with the activities is to get students to engage with ideas about energy and to apply them to a range of different contexts. The model of energy transfer used in this resource is the ‘stores and transfers’ approach, in which the focus is upon where energy is being stored and how it is being transferred from one store to another. 

The collection includes:

  • Comprehensive teacher notes - Introducing and providing an overview of key learning objectives for the resources and/or activity suggestions
  • Curated lesson plans
  • video clips
  • interactive online learning tool
  • activity suggestions and worksheets

The resources are gathered together here for sake of convenience but there is no expectation or suggestion that they be used consecutively. Rather the idea is that as and when the topics arise in schemes of work that the resources are accessed and deployed.



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Here Comes the Sun (11-14)

This activity encourages students to explore the factors affecting decisions about energy sources. The video clip is used to set the challenge in a real life context. Buma lives is a town called Abuja and, although he likes the city itself, the regular power cuts present him with a dilemma: using the petrol...

Blowing in the Wind (11-14)

This resource, from Siemens UK, looks at the use of wind farms to provide sustainable energy for a range of communities in a variety of settings. The selection of a New Zealand context is significant as Maori communities see themselves as being responsible for effective stewardship of the land for future...

The Monte Rosa Mountain Hut (11-14)

These activities from Siemens allow students to apply concepts of energy transfer and conservation to building design by challenging them to design a mountain hut. The challenge is introduced using the video, which emphasises the wild and potentially inhospitable nature of the environment that people need shelter...

Module 3: Energy for Thrills (overview)

This resource gives KS3 physics learners the opportunity to learn or further develop their understanding of energy changes, generation, and storage in various scenarios. The activities include designing and manufacturing structures and analysing data.

  • A series of activities are based on the challenge...