Discover STEM Science

This collection of short videos link to the science curriculum. Each video has been created by a STEM Ambassador as part of the Discover STEM programme.



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Practical application of biomedical science

Ben is a specialist biomedical scientist working for the NHS. In this Discover STEM video Ben discusses what his work involves, why it is important and how he became a biomedical scientist. Post GCSE, Ben studied a BTEC extended diploma in applied science before studying biomedical science at university. The...

Why is it important to use scientific words correctly?

Allyson is a Knowledge Engineer who helps scientists share their research fairly, accessibly, and openly. In this video,she talks about why it’s important that scientists use the same words when describing their work. She gives an example of how easy it is to misunderstand someone when they describe something to...

How protein aggregation impacts drug manufacture

Leon is a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leeds. In this Discover STEM video Leon explains what protein aggregation is and why researchers want to understand this process to prevent protein-based medicines from being damaged during manufacture....

How are we reducing the need for animal testing?

Donna is a Fungal Researcher and Microbiology Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. In this Discover STEM video Donna describes how her team are working to reduce the need for animal testing through their research into a problem that ¼ of the world suffers from at any one time – Athlete’s Foot.



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