KS1 Programming 2

Welcome to the second KS1 Programming page. Here you will find a series of eight short activities split into four sessions. All the activities need access to a phone, tablet or laptop as we introduce the children to Scratch Jr - an introductory programming language that uses blocks of instructions. Children can snap these blocks together, like a long line of jigsaw pieces, to make characters move, jump, dance, and sing. These activities take you and your child/ren step by step in creating their own Scratch Jr projects.
All activities have been created by Scratch Jr and are available with a helpful introductory video, here: https://www.scratchjr.org/teach/activities.

No device to use? Try an 'unplugged' activity (no tech needed, other than a printer!):
Print the pictures of the Scratch Jr blocks. Cut out and arrange them to complete the activity.

No printer? Try drawing the pictures of the blocks you think you will need for each activity. Arrange them to create a sequence that will complete the activity.



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Session 1 - Basic Movement

Our first activities introduce your child/ren to:...

Session 2 - Sun and the Moon

This week's activities allow your child/ren to: ...

Session 3 - Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

This week your child/ren will learn how to:...

Session 4 - Party Time

These activitites let children:...