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Session 1 - Basic Movement

Our first activities introduce your child/ren to:

1. Drive Across the City - children pick a background and a character, and use a motion block to make a car drive across the city.

2. Run a Race - children use the speed block to speed up and slow down their animal characters as they have a race.

Please see the activity card for all the instructions needed. Each activity card can be printed or viewed online at

Also included here are some guides for parents and carers that give an overview of what each block can do, and what each button means.

No device to use? Try an 'unplugged' activity (no tech needed, other than a printer!):

Print the pictures of the Scratch Jr blocks. Cut out and arrange them to complete activities 1 and 2.
Can you predict what the character (sprite) will do? Use the guides so you know what each block does.

No printer? Try drawing the pictures of the blocks you think you will need for activities 1 and 2.


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