Reach Out CPD

This collection of short films aims to support primary teachers in planning and delivering science lessons. The films provide ideas for use in class, demonstration activities and background knowledge on particular topics within the curriculum.

The films have been provided by Reach Out CPD, the programme was developed by Imperial College London in partnership with award-winning science teaching resource, Tigtag.



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A Healthy Lifestyle

This short film aimed at improving the subject knowledge of primary teachers on the topic of keeping healthy. It follows Sonia Cullington of WOW Fitness as she speaks about healthy eating and living. She looks at an everyday shopping list and discusses how they may or may not form part of a healthy balanced diet....

Body Systems

Winning a gold medal sometimes requires thinking scientifically. In this film we meet Alison McGregor and Graham Davis, Imperial scientists who work with Olympian Catherine Grainger to maximise her body limits as an athlete.

Seeing science interact with sport in this way helps illustrate the importance of...

Changing State

This short film provides an introduction to changing state. It features Professor Robert Winston with his grandson in the family garden. He explains the three states of matter and explains how a small steam engine is powered in terms of changing state.

This resource has been provided by Reach Out CPD, a...

Food Impacts Our Lives

This short film clip provides primary teachers with background knowledge on the topic of healthy eating and a balanced diet. It follows Robert Winston, as he talks to specialists at Imperial, who explain the dangers of over and under-eating. The film explores the physical effects of food on our bodies, and how...