Reach Out CPD

This collection of short films aims to support primary teachers in planning and delivering science lessons. The films provide ideas for use in class, demonstration activities and background knowledge on particular topics within the curriculum.

The films have been provided by Reach Out CPD, the programme was developed by Imperial College London in partnership with award-winning science teaching resource, Tigtag.



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Learning Outside the Classroom

In this clip aimed at primary teachers, teachers, academics and education specialists talk about the benefits of learning outside the classroom. Children also provide their views on learning science both inside and outside the classroom.

This resource has been provided by Reach Out CPD, a programme...

Shadows and Light

Aimed at primary teachers, this short film follows a teacher leading a cross-curricular lesson on light and shadows. Using the idea of night and day as a starting point, children discuss nocturnal animals. They then create shadow puppets of the animals and use them to perform short plays.

This resource...

Sound and Light

This short film follows Martin Archer, from Imperial College, as he explores how to increase a child’s understanding of sound through a visual demonstration of a sound wave. He explains how a Rubens Tube can be used to show a sound wave by passing sound through a metal tube full of gas. The top of the tube has...

States of Matter

In this film Dan Plant, from Imperial College London, talks about the three states of matter providing examples from the world around us. A short animation highlights some of the properties of solids and liquids and then introduces a substance that blurs the lines. Armourgel is mostly liquid, until it’s subjected...