Reach Out CPD

This collection of short films aims to support primary teachers in planning and delivering science lessons. The films provide ideas for use in class, demonstration activities and background knowledge on particular topics within the curriculum.

The films have been provided by Reach Out CPD, the programme was developed by Imperial College London in partnership with award-winning science teaching resource, Tigtag.



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The Respiratory System

Aimed at primary teachers, this short film follows The Snot Doctors from Imperial College London, as they meet a class of primary children.

They take a look inside a model of a giant human nose and discuss how by looking at the nose they can tell a lot about what is happening inside the respiratory system...

Earth and Space

This short film follows Brendan Owens, as he hosts a workshop at the Royal Observatory with a group of schoolchildren to teach them about Earth and Space. He puts right common misconceptions about the moon, and gives his top tips on teaching Earth and Space. Using his rotating model, he brings the orbit of the...

Digestive System Experiment

This short film clip follows primary school teacher, Danny, as he demonstrates a practical experiment which recreates the digestion process in the classroom. Using household items such as paper cups, orange juice and a pair of tights, this demonstration enables children to visualise the process of digestion in an...