Reach Out CPD

This collection of short films aims to support primary teachers in planning and delivering science lessons. The films provide ideas for use in class, demonstration activities and background knowledge on particular topics within the curriculum.

The films have been provided by Reach Out CPD, the programme was developed by Imperial College London in partnership with award-winning science teaching resource, Tigtag.



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This film follows Dr Simon Foster, from Imperial College, as he discusses the topic of forces in various contexts. Working with a class they design and make water rockets thinking about the forces needed to make them fly and how to protect the contents of the rockets when they land.

This film provides an...

Formula 1 in Schools

This short film clip discusses how F1 and motor sport can be the basis of a cross curricular project where children design and make racing cars, thinking about friction and the aerodynamics. We follow three classes and their teachers on the day of their big race, as they test the design of their model cars in...

How Liquids Affect Our Teeth

This short film clip provides primary teachers with background knowledge on the topic of healthy eating. It demonstrates an effective way of observing the effect of different liquids on teeth. Eggshells representing teeth enamel are placed in water, cola and orange juice and the effects over time are recorded....

Iron in Cereal

This short film clip shows how to carry out an investigation to prove that a cereal contains Iron. The test can be easily recreated in class and requires a digital microscope. Hands-on and a bit messy, children won’t believe their eyes when they see that there are real iron filings in cereal.

The clip is...