This collection from Inquiry Maths contains five number themed prompts covering multiplication, fractions, percentages, inequalities and ratio. Each seemingly simple prompt is designed to intrigue students, leading to a rich mathematical task that can be explored in a variety of ways providing students with the opportunity to "reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry." Prompts are accompanied by a variety of supporting material. Further ideas for number prompts can be found on the Inquiry Maths website.



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24 x 21 = 42 x 12

This seemingly simple prompt leads to a rich task which students can explore in a variety of ways.

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Sum of Two Fractions Equals Their Product

This prompt asks whether the sum of two fractions can ever be equal to their product.

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40% of 70 = 70% of 40

This seemingly simple prompt leads to a rich task that can be developed in a number of different ways.

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Inequalities Inquiry

This inquiry prompt contains the following mathematical statements:

43 + 21 > 12 + 34

432 + 1 > 123 + 4