Resources to support secondary schools taking part in the NSPCC's Number Day.



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This collection from Inquiry Maths contains five number themed prompts covering multiplication, fractions, percentages, inequalities and ratio. Each seemingly simple prompt is designed to intrigue students, leading to a rich mathematical task that can be explored in a variety of ways providing students with the...


This SMILE collection contains twelve resources of games, investigations, worksheets and practical activities supporting the teaching of number.

The resources cover addition, decimals, directed number, division, fractions, multiplication, ordering and rounding, percentages, place value and number systems,...

MARS: number

The Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) is a collaboration between the University of California at Berkeley and the Shell Centre team at the University of Nottingham, with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The team is known around the world for its innovative work in maths education....

From the Nuffield Foundation this collection includes five modules focusing directly on number: number patterns, decimals, integers, irrationals, indices and molecules.

Each module consists of activity cards for students, hints for students for some of the cards and teacher notes which contain suggestions...