SCORE Practical Work in School Science Reports

This collection of reports was published by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education). The reports consider the importance of practical work in science education starting at Key Stage One and going all the way through to Post-16 levels. The reports include research into the issues faced by teachers and activities and experiments that can be used in the school classroom or laboratory.

The reports and guides are:

* Practical work in science: a report and proposal for a strategic framework
* Explore, discover, inspire: practical work in science (secondary)
* Explore, discover, inspire: practical work in primary science
* Assessment of practical work in science
* Getting practical: a framework for practical work in science
* Resourcing practical work
* Under the microscope: the state of the resourcing of practical science in primary schools in England
* Under the microscope: the state of the resourcing of practical science in secondary schools and sixth form colleges


Practical Work in Science: a Report and Proposal for a Strategic Framework

This Science Community Representing Education (SCORE) report examines the key findings of a review of practical work in primary, secondary and post-16 science education.

The report focuses on:
* What is meant by practical work in science?
* What are the aims and purposes of practical work in...

Explore, Discover, Inspire: Practical Work in Science

This booklet, from Science Community Representing Education (SCORE), offers a range of practical activities for use in the classroom. Most are aimed at Key Stage Three and Four and Post-16 students but a small number are provided for Key Stage Two to highlight the...

Getting Practical: a Framework for Practical Work in Science

This booklet from SCORE aims to help teachers to recognise and plan for a wide variety of high quality science practical work, ranging from out of the classroom learning to opportunities for students to practise specific techniques and procedures.

The booklet defines practical work in science and explains...

Under the Microscope: the State of Resourcing of Practical Science in Secondary Schools

This resource, commissioned by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) and published in April 2013, reports on the findings of research into the nature of resourcing and funding of practical science within schools and sixth form colleges. The aim was to identify and understand types of issues that might be...


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