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Linnean Learning wants to see a world where curiosity in the natural world is shared by all young people. We work with young people, teachers, parents and other adults to inspire the next generation to engage with world outside.

Linnean Learning projects are a part of the Linnean Society of London, which embraces the entire sweep of the natural world, encompassing science, history and art. The Linnean Society’s Fellowship ranges from leading professional scientists to amateur naturalists, artists and historians. The activities are classroom-based but also show how the concepts translate to the field.



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Battle of the Beaks

This practical activity explores beak adaptations in bird populations and looks at the way in which variation in beak shape is related to the available food sources within an environment.

Students simulate bird feeding by using a ‘beak’ to collect food and place it into a stomach. There are four different...

How Rich Is Your Habitat?

This practical activity uses a simple and convenient model of the real environment in order to demonstrate the principles of random sampling and how to estimate biodiversity. Students use different coloured sugar balls to represent different species in order to put Simpson's Diversity Index to the test, which takes...

What's in a Name? *suitable for home teaching*

This worksheet in this resource introduces students to the topics of classification and binomial nomenclature. The idea of hierarchy is illustrated, before explaining Linnaeus’s system of classification and the terms kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species. There is also a useful introduction to...

Who Are You? *suitable for home teaching*

The Linnaean collections hold many types of specimens (the first member of species to be scientifically described) for taxonomic study. Making use of the Linnaean collection online, this worksheet focuses on Hymenoptera (including bees, wasps and ants). It looks at the importance of the hymenopterans, particularly...


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