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Linnean Learning wants to see a world where curiosity in the natural world is shared by all young people. We work with young people, teachers, parents and other adults to inspire the next generation to engage with world outside.

Linnean Learning projects are a part of the Linnean Society of London, which embraces the entire sweep of the natural world, encompassing science, history and art. The Linnean Society’s Fellowship ranges from leading professional scientists to amateur naturalists, artists and historians. The activities are classroom-based but also show how the concepts translate to the field.



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Who's Who? *suitable for home teaching*

This worksheet, from the Linnean Society, looks at speciation, dimorphic and polymorphic species and Batesian mimicry. In Batesian mimicry a palatable species mimics an unpalatable one, thus protecting itself from predation. Through a series of questions based on the text, the resource aims to explore this in...

Famous Scientists Fact Sheets

Aimed at primary level this resource contains background information and fact sheets about their lives and work of prominent scientists in history. Linking to topics related to plants, biodiversity and classification it contains mini-biographies and posters of the scientists: Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin and...

Discovering DNA

This resource provides background information for students about the structure of DNA, DNA replication, genetic engineering, cloning, genetic testing and DNA fingerprinting.

The activities for students include a practical activity where students extract their own DNA from cheek epithelial cells or plant...

Funky Pigeons

These post-16 lesson plans look at Darwin’s pigeon breeding experiments and how they revealed the biology of inheritance and selection. Students will:

  • Compare natural and artificial selection and be able to critically explain the difference between the two.
  • Explore how Darwin used selective...


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