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Linnean Learning wants to see a world where curiosity in the natural world is shared by all young people. We work with young people, teachers, parents and other adults to inspire the next generation to engage with world outside.

Linnean Learning projects are a part of the Linnean Society of London, which embraces the entire sweep of the natural world, encompassing science, history and art. The Linnean Society’s Fellowship ranges from leading professional scientists to amateur naturalists, artists and historians. The activities are classroom-based but also show how the concepts translate to the field.



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Murderous plants

These resources consider adaptation and competition in the context of carnivorous plants.

This module uses carnivorous plants and their habitats as a stepping-stone for exploring broader ecological concepts, in particular the structure of an ecosystem and predator-prey relationships. Students will engage in...

Plants activity pack

This resource provides a collection of practical ideas for learning about plants at primary level. They include opportunities to identify and name plants, describe the structure and function of parts of a plant, explore what...

Brilliant barnacles

In this module students will study barnacle morphology, life histories and life styles as Darwin did. He based his classification and search for a common ancestor upon his studies. Recent work using genetic and molecular evidence and scanning electron microscopy shows how some of the key difficulties in drawing the...

A portrait of Linnaeus

Students are asked to collect 50 pieces of information and produce a portrait of the life, career and contributions to science of Carl Linnaeus...


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