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Linnean Learning wants to see a world where curiosity in the natural world is shared by all young people. We work with young people, teachers, parents and other adults to inspire the next generation to engage with world outside.

Linnean Learning projects are a part of the Linnean Society of London, which embraces the entire sweep of the natural world, encompassing science, history and art. The Linnean Society’s Fellowship ranges from leading professional scientists to amateur naturalists, artists and historians. The activities are classroom-based but also show how the concepts translate to the field.



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A year of taxonomy

This activity challenges students to produce a calendar for the Linnean Society.  The calendar should cover:

  • Principles and importance of classification and taxonomy
  • Understanding the importance of Linnaeus’ contribution to science...

What's so important about names?

These student handouts contain text and questions about:

  • Classifi...

Linnaeus at home

From a young age, Carl Linnaeus was encouraged to explore in nature, be curious, take notes, share his findings and learn more about LIFE.

These pages were developed to help parents, teachers and adults to build their own confidence within nature so that they can encourage their children to go out and...

The Biomedia Meltdown - Art Science Projects

These resources were created as part of the BioMedia Meltdown Competition, which is an annual event open to all young people aged 10-14.

Unsung Scientists

14 fact sheets featuring true stories of underrepresented natural historians & life scientists for use in a portraiture...


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