Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, the resources in this section help students to develop their skills in gathering information by listening and observing.

The materials provide opportunities for students to practice:
* active listening
* guided observing
* summarising and making notes
* critical thinking
* asking focussed questions
* thinking from different points of view.

These skills provide a framework to maintain concentration and maximise learning. This series of activities will particularly help to support students in developing the independent learning skills required for Higher Education.

There are trainer development materials associated with the delivery of learning activities in this skill area. They can be found at: LSS Skill Area 2 Training.



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Skill 2.2 Invite an Expert

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, in this activity students are given the opportunity to choose, organise and benefit from outside expert speakers. Throughout, there is an emphasis on treating the speaker courteously.


Skill 2.3 Let's Get Critical

This activity, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, helps students to develop skills in giving and receiving constructive criticism on their own and their peers' presentations. In doing so, students are encouraged to consider what makes a good presentation, identify the features of a good presenter and...

Skill 2.4 Listening to a Podcast

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity helps students to improve their learning from listening. Podcasts, which can be downloaded onto a computer or portable audio player and listened to at any time, are revolutionising the way programmes and information are being disseminated. In this...

Skill 2.8 Watching a Film

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity guides students through two viewings of a scientific film to help them to focus on specific areas of learning.

After an initial viewing of the film,...