Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, the resources in this section help students to develop their skills in gathering information by listening and observing.

The materials provide opportunities for students to practice:
* active listening
* guided observing
* summarising and making notes
* critical thinking
* asking focussed questions
* thinking from different points of view.

These skills provide a framework to maintain concentration and maximise learning. This series of activities will particularly help to support students in developing the independent learning skills required for Higher Education.

There are trainer development materials associated with the delivery of learning activities in this skill area. They can be found at: LSS Skill Area 2 Training.


Skill 2.6 Arguments, Opinions and Points of View

This activity, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, requires students to think about the arguments that different people might make for and against a controversial development.

The activity will help students to:* consider how opinions can influence an argument* identify arguments made by...

Skill 2.7 What's the Evidence?

Produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, this activity helps students to critically evaluate scientific issues as they are portrayed in the media. Whilst in many cases little scientific evidence is presented in articles or television programmes, it does not necessarily follow that they are unreliable....

Skill 2.5 Science Whispers

This activity, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, is based on a popular game and helps students to develop skills of listening and communicating.

Students have to understand and relay spoken information to their peers without losing its main content and meaning. This simple activity will help...

Skill 2.1 Taking Notes from a Presentation

This activity, produced by Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme, helps students to refine their skills in summarising information in a presentation in a way that makes sense to them. In doing so, students are more able to assimilate the key points. The aim is to embed good practice that students can use every time...


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