Produced by ARKive, these materials use Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle as a context to explore a number of topics around adaptation, variation, natural selection and evolution. The activities are designed to be used as a set or individually, alongside your existing resources. The resources look at:

  • Darwin's finches
  • Sharks and rays
  • Animal classification
  • Darwin and natural selection 
  • Evolution
  • Peppered moths

Please note that the website is no longer available. However, in March 2024, to continue the legacy of ARKive, Wildscreen launched Wildscreen ARK, an online nature education hub for young people, built to inspire curiosity about the natural world and empower them to protect it.



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Darwin Presentation

Produced by ARKive this presentation introduces Charles Darwin as a naturalist. It tells the story of his life, describes how he was influenced and encouraged by the learning of his friends and contemporaries; and describes the voyage of the Beagle from 1831-36. The presentation illustrates Darwin's skills of...

Animal Classification

Produced by ARKive, in this activity students classify animals into broad groups (vertebrates and invertebrates, amphibian, bird, fish, mammal, reptile).

In the second section of the activity students are encouraged to use the ARKive website to find out how different species are adapted for the environment...

Darwin's Finches

Produced by ARKive in this resource students observe images of different species of finches from the Galapagos Islands. The activity supports students in producing a simple key.

Please note that the website is no longer available, where links are listed for additional information within the...

Sharks and Rays

In this activity from ARKive, students use a key to identify several species of shark and ray. Extension questions use video of shark movement available on the ARKive website as a context to discuss adaptation.



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