Activity ideas for British Science Week 2024 - Time (primary)

These resources can be used to support British Science Week 2024 activities around the theme of 'Time'. 

Suitable for primary level. 



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History of the Universe

In these activities, produced by the European Space Agency, students work in groups to create timelines: first, one of their own lives and then one of the main events in the history of the Universe. The activity guides students to calculate the events in the history of the Universe to a scale of one year. Students...

Time for sunshine

This resource focusses on the making of a simple sundial which can be housed within the school grounds. This interactive and practical activity can be used to support learning of telling the time and to understand how light creates shadows. In this activity pupils will learn how to use the Sun to tell the time. ...

Time Problems

This resource aimed at primary, contains an interactive spreadsheet containing problems involving time, they include: calculating the length of time for events, calculating the length of day and night given sunrise and sunset times, using a bus timetable to work out...

Time and Money

This resource, aimed at early years and lower primary, contains an interactive spreadsheet designed to illustrate teaching points on the topics of time and money. Ideal for use with the whole class at the start or end of a lesson it provides screens on the following:...