These AMP activities are accessible to all secondary students. Around half the activities are abstract investigations and half are practical explorations set in realistic contexts. Suitability for group work, required equipment, key mathematical features, extension opportunities, etc. are touched on in the teachers' notes included in the PDF package for each activity.



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In this Nuffield investigation these resources from AMP, co-funded by the Clothworkers and Nuffield Foundation, students investigate how many positive integers are less than and co-prime to any given positive integer. This activity requires some confidence with the co-...

Average Limits

In this Nuffield investigation students explore limiting values of an iterative process, using arithmetic, algebra or spreadsheets. Students can move from identifying patterns to forming, verifying and proving conjectures.


Corner to Corner

In this Nuffield activity students investigate how different numbers of squares can be joined corner to corner and the effect their arrangement has on the area of the rectangle that encloses the squares.

The key...

Fire Hydrants

This Nuffield activity asks students to experiment with the placing and number of fire hydrants required in a city with square blocks that form a rectangular grid.

Key processes developed in this investigation are...