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From the Wellcome Trust, these short animations can be downloaded and used in the classroom. The animations help students to understand a range of biological processes and diseases. These include:
* The genome, methods used in DNA sequencing and the translation and transcription of DNA into proteins
* The transmission and symptoms of diseases caused by protozoa such as Leishmaniasis, malaria, trypanosomiasis and Chagas' disease.
* Viral diseases including HIV and Dengue.
* Parasitic worms that cause schistosomiasis, intestinal worms and lymphatic filariasis.
* Diseases, such as syphilis, caused by bacteria.
The animations are suitable for students of secondary school age ranges. They can be used as an introduction to the topic or as a way to reinforce learning.



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These animations, from the Wellcome Trust, explore DNA structure, function and analysis. They explain the biological processes that transcribe and translate the genetic code to produce proteins. Animations also illustrate how the processes used to sequence DNA have developed to allow genomes to be analysed at a...


Protozoa are single celled organisms with a defined nucleus and live in many different habitats. These animations, from the Wellcome Trust, show how certain protozoa have evolved complex parasitic life cycles to exploit the human body, with serious consequences for health.

Animations look at parasites...

Parasitic Worms

These animations, from the Wellcome Trust, help to show how parasitic worms are a major public health problem.

Thriving in numerous parts of the world associated with poor sanitation or water, these parasites have devised ingenious mechanisms that allow them to enter the human body, resulting in serious...

Bacterial Diseases

Bacteria are one of the simplest forms of independent life with no nucleus or membrane bound organelles. These animations, from the Wellcome Trust, show that, despite this apparent simplicity, bacterial diseases pose a profound threat to world health. The animations are suitable as a lesson starter, to introduce...


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