DNA *suitable for home teaching*

These animations, from the Wellcome Trust, explore DNA structure, function and analysis. They explain the biological processes that transcribe and translate the genetic code to produce proteins. Animations also illustrate how the processes used to sequence DNA have developed to allow genomes to be analysed at a much faster rate than in the past. The animations contain quite a high level of detail and are more suited to students following post-16 biology courses. They may, however, be suitable for some younger students as an extension to their learning.



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DNA to Protein - Transcription and Translation

This animation, from the Wellcome Trust, illustrates how the DNA code is used to build protein molecules inside our cells.

It shows how, during the process of transcription, polymerase unzips the DNA and uses it as a...

Zoom in on Your Genome

Produced by the Wellcome Trust, this animation helps to illustrate where and how the human genome is stored within our cells and bodies. It takes a journey which starts with the whole human body before looking into a liver cell and then the cell's nucleus. The animation shows the arrangements of chromosomes within...

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