Teaching Advanced Physics: Atoms and Nuclei

From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of learning episodes. Each episode represents a coherent section of teaching, that takes typically one or two lessons to complete.

The topics covered are:

* Quantum physics
* Lasers
* Wave-particle duality
* Radioactivity
* Accelerators and detectors
* Nuclear stability
* Fission
* X-ray and neutron diffraction
* Rutherford's scattering experiment
* The standard model
* Particles, antiparticles and quarks
* Feynman diagrams



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Episode 509: Radioactive Background and Detectors

From the Institute of Physics, this learning episode introduces the ubiquitous nature of radioactivity and considers its detection. It draws on students’ previous knowledge, and emphasizes the importance of technical terminology.

The activities include:
• demonstrating the detection of background...

Episode 510: Properties of Radiations

In this learning episode from the Institute of Physics, the properties of ionizing radiation are introduced through a consideration of safety.

Students consider the ionising property of different radiations in relation to how this makes them dangerous to living things. They see that radiation with...

Episode 511: Absorption Experiments

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students investigate the absorption of radiation and how this can be illustrated experimentally. The investigations look at sources of alpha and beta radiation. A model, looking at the absorption of light as it passes through successive microscope slides, is...

Episode 512: Nuclear Equations

In this learning episode, produced by the Institute of Physics, students look at the decay processes that result in the emission of ionising radiation.

The activities in this learning episode include:
* looking at nuclide notation and N-Z plots
* types of decay processes
* practice...