Teaching Advanced Physics: Atoms and Nuclei

From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of learning episodes. Each episode represents a coherent section of teaching, that takes typically one or two lessons to complete.

The topics covered are:

* Quantum physics
* Lasers
* Wave-particle duality
* Radioactivity
* Accelerators and detectors
* Nuclear stability
* Fission
* X-ray and neutron diffraction
* Rutherford's scattering experiment
* The standard model
* Particles, antiparticles and quarks
* Feynman diagrams



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Episode 526: Preparation for Nuclear Fission Topic

Students may have strong feelings about the use of nuclear technology. Activities in this topic, from the Institute of Physics, help students make informed judgments on questions such as nuclear waste disposal or the use of depleted uranium in weaponry.

There are two learning episodes:

Episode 527:...

Episode 527: Nuclear Transmutation

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode helps students to move beyond the idea that nuclear changes are represented solely by alpha, beta and gamma decay. Students learn that other events occur when a nucleus absorbs a particle and becomes unstable.

The activities in this learning...

Episode 528: Controlling Fission

In this learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, students look at the different features of the core of a nuclear reactor. They consider the critical mass, chain reactions and explain the core's operation using knowledge of nuclear physics.

The activities in this learning episode examine:

Episode 529: Preparation for X- ray and Neutron Diffraction Topic

This topic, from the Institute of Physics, encourage students to apply their understanding of diffraction to X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the structure of matter. It could extend a study of diffraction of waves, or be part of a study of material structures, or of atomic physics.

There are two...