Numeracy Through Problem Solving is a sequence of five modules which develop students' ability to use mathematics together with other skills. In tackling problems of concern or situations of interest in everyday life - the original definition of numeracy, which was reinforced by the Cockcroft Report. The five modules have all been designed for pupils of all abilities to complement the GCSE Mathematics curriculum for 16 year olds in England and Wales. Each module is designed to take between 10 and 20 hours to complete. Each provides a theme within which the students take responsibility for planning, organising or designing. They are based around the everyday interests of most students. Students work both individually and in groups and are able to choose which areas of mathematics to deploy. They also implement the results of their own decisions - a vital educational experience! It has been developed with students of all abilities in the age range 13-16, and their teachers. Each module package provides comprehensive materials for both teaching and assessment, related to a practical context which has proved interesting and enjoyable to the students who have taken part in its development. It is accessible to those who normally find mathematics difficult, while at the same time it provides a challenge for the most able.



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Design a Board Game

In this Shell Centre module, groups carefully design and produce their own board games. These games are then played and evaluated by other class members.

This involves developing ideas from 2-dimensional shape-and-...

Be a Shrewd Chooser

In this Shell Centre activity, students research and provide expert consumer advice for clients in their class.

Students listen to a radio show on audiotape which contains a number of interviews with people who have...

Plan a Trip

In this Shell Centre module students plan and undertake a class trip using costings, scheduling, surveys and everyday arithmetic.

In a card game simulation, groups undertake and record imaginary trips, encounter problems and errors of judgement, then seek to correct them by better planning. Groups share...

Be a Paper Engineer

In this Shell Centre activity students design make and evaluate 3D paper products including gift boxes and pop-up greetings cards. They explore 3D shape-and-space, making generalisations using words and algebra.

In groups, students make a wide variety of pop-up cards, gift boxes and envelopes in order to...