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The Shell Centre has produced a range of innovative teaching materials for mathematics education, together with research publications and tests. Most of these were developed at the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. The two collections, Numeracy through Problem Solving and The Red and Blue boxes, offer teachers innovative materials and teaching opportunities for Key Stages 3 and 4. Numeracy through Problem Solving tackles realistic problems in context allowing students to apply and further their mathematical knowledge and processes. There are 5 modules, Be a Paper Engineer, Plan a Trip, Design a Board Game, Be a Shrewd Chooser and Produce a Quiz Show, all of which encourage collaborative group work, discussion, creativity organisational skills and evaluative thinking. The Blue Box, Problems with Patterns and Numbers, focuses on non-routine problem solving in mathematics, and the teaching strategies needed to handle it in the classroom. The Red Box, The Language of Functions and Graphs, focuses on developing fluency in using various mathematical representations to describe and analyse the real world, and on the teaching tactics needed to handle pupil discussion in groups and with the whole class.



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Numeracy Through Problem Solving is a sequence of five modules which develop students' ability to use mathematics together with other skills. In tackling problems of concern or situations of interest in everyday life - the original definition of numeracy, which was reinforced by the Cockcroft Report. The five...

Red and Blue Boxes

These mathematics materials from The Shell Centre offer teachers exciting and innovative ways of teaching problem solving and graphical representation. Problems with Patterns and Numbers is aimed at the upper half of the ability range and ages 13-16, but is more widely applicable with some adaptation. The Language...