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This collection contains a selection of activities, suitable for STEM projects. Themes include a mission to Mars, drones, engineering at the movies and deployable structures.


Mission to Mars

This resource is set in the context of challenges encountered in getting to, landing on and living on Mars.

The resource covers some mathematics, physics and biology:

  • Launch crew: How many people can you fit in different spacecraft modules.  Mathematics.
  • Launch aerodynamics: Investigate...

Drones: friend or foe?

The drone resource box is aimed at key stage 3 or key stage 4 students and could be used as a six-session curriculum resource or a drop down activity day. The resource explores how drones work and how they can be used for civilian, humanitarian and commercial purposes. Each session will be based around a different...

Engineering our existence

These resources explore how different indigenous populations have used engineering to allow them to live in extreme environments and what we can learn from these solutions. They also explore some modern engineering solutions to living in extreme environments.

The engineering our existence STEM resources are...

Puzzling Parallax

In the context of visual effects in movies, students are challenged to investigate parallax by finding out how the distance of a nearby object is related to how far it appears to move when you view it from different perspectives.  The activity develops graph drawing and data analysis skills.



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