Engineering at the movies

These primary and secondary resources explore the science, technology, engineering and maths involved in the film industry.



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Puzzling Parallax

In the context of visual effects in movies, students are challenged to investigate parallax by finding out how the distance of a nearby object is related to how far it appears to move when you view it from different perspectives.  The activity develops graph drawing and data analysis skills.


Magic drum

In this activity students make their own zoetrope, which creates the illusion of a moving pictures by rapidly spinning individual static pictures. A movie is traditionally made from 24 frames of individual images played per second to create the moving picture.  Originally a vintage toy from the 1830s, a zoetrope (...

Creating movie magic

This engineering challenge asks students to create a minute-long digital animated film that tells a creative, fictional story about a concept related to engineering. The resource provides questions to support students through the process of planning their video and asks them to create a storyboard before filming to...

Chemical eruption

Students recreate the reaction of a volcano using baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar (dilute acetic acid).