Oxford Sparks: Key Stage 3 resources

A full set of resources which can be used to add research based contexts to lessons for 11-14 year olds.



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A question of balance

This lesson explains how the nervous system is vital for balance. Students learn about the pathway signals take between sense organs, the central nervous system and muscles in order to coordinate balancing.


Cardiac chaos

In this lesson, students learn about the specialised cells of the heart and the tissues they form. They find out what can happen to the function of the heart if, as the result of an inherited condition, the cells are not arranged properly. The lesson begins with a video...

Colder and colder

This lesson is designed to consolidate students’ understanding of the particle theory of matter, particularly as it applies to changes of state. The lesson begins by viewing an animation in which the temperature decreases until it is close to...

Cool blades

In this activity, students learn about heat transfer from jet engine turbine blades. The blades reach temperatures as high as 1000 ºC. How do the blades cool, and how do scientists measure the rate of cooling at such high temperatures?