Oxford Sparks: Key Stage 3 resources

A full set of resources which can be used to add research based contexts to lessons for 11-14 year olds.



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Perfect properties

The development of the jet engine is engineering at its most extreme. In this activity, students analyse data to choose materials with suitable properties for different parts of the jet engine.  


Planet calculator

This extension activity for gifted and talented scientists with a good grasp of mathematics and well-developed literacy skills introduces them to some of the fascinating worlds outside our own solar system. Students use data from the Kepler space telescope to draw...

Quality crystal

Scientists have used X-ray crystallography to elucidate the structure of more than half a million substances. This powerful technique relies on complex mathematics, high energy X-rays, and the skill of crystallographers in making high quality crystals.


School day delay

A change in circadian rhythms in adolescents means that asking them to wake early in the morning for school results in them being tired and less able to concentrate in lessons.

In this activity, based on the Teensleep...