Oxford Sparks: Key Stage 3 resources

A full set of resources which can be used to add research based contexts to lessons for 11-14 year olds.



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Scientists at the University of Oxford are investigating different ways that information that we share on social media sites can be used by others. Sometimes the information can be useful, for instance providing information on an unfolding event, but it could be used...

Social media plot

Scientists from the University of Oxford are studying how information and misinformation can spread across social media platforms.  Mathematical models can be used to help predict how information might spread. 


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Machine learning is a system where rather than a computer programmer deciding the best way to sort, organise, classify or use information, the computer program develops its own set of instructions (algorithm) based on information that users feed it.  Scientists at the...

Flavour Saver

Many of the chemicals we use as drugs, flavourings and perfumes originate from natural sources but often the most economical way of obtaining them is to produce them artificially on an industrial scale. Scientists at the University of Oxford are researching into how to...