Oxford Sparks: Key Stage 3 resources

A full set of resources which can be used to add research based contexts to lessons for 11-14 year olds.



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DNA detectives

In this lesson students experience first-hand how collaboration between scientists helps make scientific discoveries.


Electric Avenue

Being more energy efficient helps the environment, as well as our bank balances. But this is only part of the bigger issue surrounding electricity consumption. The everyday choices we make in our homes about which electrical appliances to use and when to use them have...

Energy Survey

For the vast majority of people modern life is dependent on electricity. Researchers at the University of Oxford are looking into what we use electricity for and when, in order to ensure that in the future, supply meets demand at all times. 


Hip Stars

Scientists at the University of Oxford are investigating the link between sporting activity in young people and the development of osteoarthritis. In very active people, bony lesions can form on the hip joint which increases their risk of developing the condition.

In this activity students apply what they...