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German or English?

Students are presented with two pie charts, one showing the number of letters in words in a sample of English text, the other showing the number of letters in words in the same sample of text written in German. Students are also given another sample of text showing the number of letters in each word but with the letters removed. Students are required to decide how to present the information in a form that enables comparison between the two languages and to use the information given to decide whether the unknown text is most likely written in English or German. Teacher guidance includes concepts which may be discussed with students, examples of probing questions which may be useful and assumptions that students need to make when completing the task. The assessment guidance consists of a progression table detailing how students may improve in each of the key processes. The resource concludes with a number of examples of students' work, together with comments, probing questions and feedback. This resource was produced by the Bowland Charitable Trust.

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