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Nuffield Advanced Science: Book of Data (Second Edition)

The revised edition of the Nuffield Advanced Science Book of Data was based on the first edition. However there were many changes because of feedback from users, changes in syllabuses, and the availability of better sources of data. The content was changed.

Conversion tables and tables of mathematical functions were no longer necessary now that all students were able to use calculators. New tables on infra-red and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, on crystal structures and systems, and the shapes of molecules and ions, were added in their place.

Some tables were extended to cover more items and categories of information; others were pruned because of changes in emphasis in the curriculum.

The tables of physical and thermochemical properties of elements, inorganic compounds, and organic compounds, were revised and extended. These tables made available an important source of information converted to Sl units of particular value to Chemistry students.


The book contained a large number of tables arranged under these headings.

*SI units, quantity symbols, and constants

*Atomic and nuclear properties

*The electromagnetic spectrum and spectroscopy

*Shape, size, and structure of atoms and molecules

*Thermochemical and physical properties

*Miscellaneous chemical data

*Properties of materials

*Equations and formulae

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