Nuffield Advanced Chemistry (Fourth Edition)

The Nuffield Advanced Chemistry course was first published in 1970, revised in 1984 and restructured for a third edition in 1994. The core publications of the fourth edition were the Students' Book and the Teachers' Guide for the two years of the course. They were supported by a Book of Data which students needed to consult regularly.

Later in the course students studied one of several Special Studies: each study had a separate booklet and they were designed to help students appreciate the links between chemistry and its applications.



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The Basic Course

The editors of the Fourth Edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry consulted widely and revised the topics in the light of detailed comments and advice from teachers. The team also had to take into account the subject criteria from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) when planning the number and...

As in the previous editions, students of the Fourth Edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry were required to undertake a four-week study of an applied aspect of science which was based on chemical principles. The main purpose of this section of the course was to help students to see something of the scope of a...