Revised Nuffield Advanced Science: Chemistry (Third Edition)

The Nuffield Advanced Chemistry course was first published in 1970 and was revised, so this was the third edition of a successful course. In this third edition there was just one students' book for the whole course and one teachers' guide. These were supported by a book of data that students were expected to consult regularly. Later in the course, students were required to study one of several special studies.

Publications for students 

  • Students' book: Book of data
  • The Special Studies:
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemical engineering (second edition version)
  • Food science
  • Materials science
  • Mineral process chemistry.

Publications for teachers 

  • Teachers' guide
  • The Special Studies: Individual Teachers' guides for each of the Special Studies



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The Basic Course

The work on the third edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry led to significant, but not drastic, changes in the content and presentation of the course from the revised edition. An important change was to start the revised course at the level of knowledge and understanding of chemistry that could be expected from...

As in the previous editions, students of the third edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry were required to undertake a four-week study of an applied aspect of science which was based on chemical principles.

The main purpose of this section of the course was to help students to see something of the scope of a...