Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: the Basic Course

There were eighteen topics in Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry divided into two, corresponding to the two years of a post-16 A-level course.

Key ideas
The treatment of chemistry in the course was based firmly on the establishment and use of three aids to understanding that were seen as being fundamental to the study of chemical systems. These were:
1. The use of the Periodic Table as a means of providing a unifying pattern for the diverse properties of elements and compounds.
2. The relationship between structure (both atomic and molecular) and the properties of substances.
3. The way in which energy transfers can determine the feasibility and outcome of reactions.

Applied chemistry
The revised Students’ Book included illustrated passages of background reading. These replaced ‘The Chemist in Action. The background reading aimed to help student to understand the role of chemists in industry. In particular its aims were:

1. To provide examples in the modern chemical industry of the application of basic chemical principles encountered in the main body of the advanced course.
2. To illustrate the nature of the tasks undertaken by chemists in applied fields and to discuss the economic, social, and ethical considerations involved.
3. To illustrate the inter-disciplinary activities of chemists, engineers, metallurgists, biologists, medical and agricultural experts, and other specialists.
4. To provide the student with glimpses into possible future careers in applied chemistry so that he or she may have more information to help decide on courses to follow at university and beyond.



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Nuffield Advanced Science: Book of Data (Second Edition)

The revised edition of the Nuffield Advanced Science Book of Data was based on the first edition. However there were many changes because of feedback from users, changes in syllabuses, and the availability of better sources of data. The content was changed.

Conversion tables and tables of mathematical...

Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: Topics 1-11

Teachers’ Guide I and Students’ Book I of Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry covered the eleven topics which constituted the work suggested for the first year of the course.


Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: Topics 12-18

Teachers’ Guide II and Students’ Book II of Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry covered the seven topics which constituted the work suggested for the second year of the course. Students were also expected to work though one Special Study.


Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry: Overhead Projection Originals

The Overhead projection originals were prepared to support the teaching of Revised Nuffield Advanced Chemistry. During the revision, the data on the originals was made consistent with the revised Book of Data, an extensive range of infra-red spectra was included, and there are new diagrams relating to structures...