Interacting With Mathematics in Key Stage Three

This collection of resource materials from the National Strategies focuses on important ideas and processes which underpin a sound understanding of mathematical thinking and reasoning in the key areas of proportional reasoning, linear equations, geometrical thinking and handling data.  Handling data is specific to Year Eight and is based on the Year Eight sample medium-term plans. The emphasis of the Year Nine Geometrical reasoning unit is on reasoning rather than content, much of which may be familiar to students. The approach allows greater rigour to be developed by re-establishing familiar definitions and properties into a logical hierarchy. Proportional Reasoning and Linear Equations track the progression of the ideas through the three years of Key Stage Three.



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Constructing and Solving Linear Equations

School packs on constructing and solving linear equations for Years Seven, Eight and Nine were developed by the National Strategies. They contained booklets which were part of continuining professional development courses.

The notes booklet contains sessions which:
- illustrate progression in teaching...

Year Eight handling data mini-pack

This comprehensive pack on handling data from the National strategies was designed to support the teaching in Year Eight. The mini pack contains a sample unit which has been developed through a flexible use of the sample medium-term plans for mathematics. The unit emphasises discussion and interpretation of data...

Year Eight Multiplicative Relationships Mini-pack

This mini-pack from the National Strategies contains materials focusing on developing students' understanding of proportionality. It includes an outline of three teaching phases and supporting resources, including supplementary notes, prompts for main activities and a problem bank. This Year Eight unit has been...

Year Nine Proportional Reasoning Mini-pack

This unit from the National Strategies is a sequel to the Year Eight multiplicative relationships unit. It provides an opportunity to revise, consolidate and extend ideas introduced in Year Eight and to make links to other mathematical strands, particularly shape and space. Making such links, especially with visual...