National Strategies: Secondary Mathematics

The National Strategies were professional programmes for children and young people across all the school phases in England, delivered on behalf of the Department for Education. They were first introduced in 1998 and ceased to operate in 2011. The materials were designed to help teachers and schools focus on the core business of improving teaching and learning. They are intended to offer support to both new and experienced teachers, as well as subject leaders and senior leaders. Here is a selection of the best materials for mathematics across all the phases.



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The materials in this publication from the National Strategies, were intended to support students who enter Year 7 having achieved level 3 in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests in mathematics. The aim for these students is that they should attain level 4 as quickly as possible, moving on to level 5 by the...

This series of books from the National Strategies were produced to support teachers in planning a structured and progressive approach to the development of mental processes.

Students need to transfer mathematics confidently and apply it appropriately. This needs to be taught. Most commonly, students will...

This collection of resource materials from the National Strategies focuses on important ideas and processes which underpin a sound understanding of mathematical thinking and reasoning in the key areas of proportional reasoning, linear equations, geometrical thinking and handling data.  ...

The National Strategies developed and produced a range of materials to support the teaching of those students who were below the expected level for their year and would benefit from working on material that was not in the main teaching programme for that year.

Year Seven - Springboard 7 was a catch-up...


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