Institute of Physics: Careers Clips

From the Institute of Physics, this collection of resources gives careers information for students, teachers and careers advisers. There is a set of video clips that follow the work of individual scientists as they show how physics is applied in their work. The video clips illustrate concepts in physics and how they are applied in a range of situations. These include: * Energy efficiency and architecture. * Forces and motion in computer games. * Solar energy and applied research. * Ultrasound in physiotherapy.



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Exploring Physics: Uncovering Choice

From the Institute of Physics, this pack of activities aims to encourage teachers to work together in providing a consistent approach to careers advice and guidance. It will also help teachers to build on their own knowledge of physics-based careers and, in turn, help...

Physics Careers Posters

These resources are from the Institute of Physics and consist of a range of posters that illustrate physics-related careers. The posters cover a wide range of careers and include:

Physicists Predict, Protect, Inspire and Save: Nicola Lang - geophysicist, Emma Sowter - medical physicist,  ...

Career Clips: Ultrasound in Physiotherapy

From the Institute of Physics, this seven minute film showcases the use of ultrasound in physiotherapy. Visiting Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club, it features the club's physiotherapists who make expert use of advances in medical physics, specifically ultrasound, to monitor their players’ physical wellbeing....

Career Clips: Solar Energy Researcher

From the Institute of Physics, this eight minute film follows a PhD student as her research into photovoltaic cells takes her to an academic conference in Hawaii. This helps to illustrate how collaboration and communication is a big part of a scientist's work. We also see her at work back in the laboratory, where...


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