Institute of Physics: Careers Clips

From the Institute of Physics, this collection of resources gives careers information for students, teachers and careers advisers. There is a set of video clips that follow the work of individual scientists as they show how physics is applied in their work. The video clips illustrate concepts in physics and how they are applied in a range of situations. These include: * Energy efficiency and architecture. * Forces and motion in computer games. * Solar energy and applied research. * Ultrasound in physiotherapy.


Career Clips: Forces and motion in computer games. *suitable for home teaching*.

From the Institute of Physics, this seven minute film showcases how an understanding of forces and motion is required to develop certain video games. It looks at the work of a company which develops computer models that ensure objects and people in video games adhere to real world laws of motion. The work is an...

Career Clips: Energy Efficiency and Architecture

From the Institute of Physics, this six minute film showcases the use of physics in the design of energy-efficient buildings. It follows the work of an architect's office and shows how an understanding of heat transfer and thermal insulation is applied in the design of modern buildings. In addition to...

Physics Lives

These videos from the Institute of Physics look at the innovations made by four physicists and their potential impact on society.

[b]Air apparent[/b] asks the question “What if you could see the pollution around you?”. Mark Richards has developed a way to measure pollution using ultra-violet light....


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