Subtangent is a website of free interactive mathematics resources. This collection includes interactive investigations, games activities to test mathematical knowledge and resources for printing. The majority of the resources are suitable for Key Stages Two to Four. Some would be useful as whole class introductions or demonstrations on an interactive whiteboard.



These interactive investigations from Subtangent help to develop a systematic approach but require students to use their own recording methods. They can be used as a whole class introduction to an investigation or as individual tasks. There are additional resources with some of the investigations so that pupils can...


This collection of games from Subtangent is suitable for students from Key Stage Two to Four. It includes mathematical variations on many classic games and activities.

Transformation Golf, Maths Hangman, Mathionaire, Countdown and Broken Calculator are some of the games available in this resource, covering a...

Test Yourself

These Subtangent resources use an interactive format to set 10 questions on topics such as properties of number, Pythagoras theorem, quadratic equations and function machines.

Each of the activities contains 10 questions which increase in difficulty as the test progresses. Once completed students can check...


These Subtangent resources are interactive and cover measuring length and angle, rotational symmetry, straight line graphs, linear equations, trigonometry, pie charts and frequency diagrams.

Movies and diagrams are used to demonstrate important concepts in rotational symmetry, straight line graphs and...


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