These investigations from Subtangent help to develop a systematic approach but require students to use their own recording methods. They can be used as a whole class introduction to an investigation or as individual tasks. As these investigations are open ended and students can make their own decisions as to the direction of the task, no answers are given.



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Number Stairs

This Subtangent investigation looks at the total of the squares inside a stair shape.

Initially students investigate the relationship of the totals of a three step stair and its position on a 10 by 10 grid.


Broken Calculator

Is it possible to use a 'broken calculator' in this activity to make a given set of numbers?

Students are required to show how they would use each calculator to generate the numbers from one to twenty.

Colouring Maps

This activity from Subtangent is based on the four colour theory, which is used by mapmakers. Resources include examples of colouring maps correctly, together with additional challenges, which cover a range of ability, for students to try themselves. Solutions for the challenges are also provided.

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