Subtangent's resources for mathematics include different types of isometric grids which can be printed, a set of lesson starter activities, a variety of worksheets to practice arithmetic skills and graph paper with axes and different quadrants labelled, all of which can be printed freely.

The lesson starters contain 30 challenges, some of which are reusable, teachers’ notes and answers where applicable.



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Dotty grids, square grids, different types of graph paper and axes and number grids in different orientations make up this collection of printable resources from Subtangent.

Starters and Puzzles

Subtangent has provided 30 starters and puzzles along with a version of forbidden words, a game where a student has to select a card and communicate a given word to others without using any of the forbidden words written on the card.

Worksheets - Number

These worksheets from Subtangent have outline frames for the grid method of multiplication, halving and doubling, fraction pies and a selection of worksheets for arithmetic practice.

Worksheets - Geometry

The geometry worksheets from Subtangent include isometric paper for 3-D drawing, along with some step by step instructions on how to use the paper to represent 3-D objects, and how to make and use a clinometer to measure heights and names of solids.