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Topical Science Updates

Topical Science Updates are monthly newsletters for schools focusing on some of the big, quirky and interesting science stories in the news. 

Each month 3 or 4 stories are featured to help teachers embed topical science in their everyday teaching.

Each story has links to articles, video clips and...

Tinkering as an inclusive approach for building STEM identity and supporting students facing disadvantage or with low science capital: Considerations from a reflective practice experience with teachers

Engaging with Tinkering is a highly stimulating and complex experience and invites rich reflections from museum practitioners and teachers. "Tinkering as an inclusive approach for building STEM identity and supporting students facing disadvantage or with low science capital” presents the...

Explorer Dome Light Worksheet KS2

The difference between light sources and reflections,

Measuring shadows,

Light pathways,

Making shadow animals,

Colour mixing.

Explorer Dome Space worksheet KS2

Questions to understand the difference between days and year, 

Make you rown mnemonic for the planets,

Make the moon and the earth to scale,

Make the solar system to scale in distances,

Spot the constellation (the Plough, Leo the lion, Orion)

Mission to the Moon

This collection of practical activities, investigations and games is all based on current lunar research. It supports many aspects of working scientifically and links to area of the curriculum including: earth and space, light and shadows, forces, materials, changes of state and rocks and soils. Activities are...

Community STEM Clubs poster

STEM Clubs are not just for schools! They are a powerful and enjoyable way to engage young people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

This poster is for anyone wishing to advertise a STEM Club in their local communities, be it a one-off session or recurring club; in a library or...

Sensing: delivery guide for AS and A level physics

This booklet contains a range of suggested teaching activities and contexts for teaching about sensors at A level. Curriculum links include current, potential difference, resistance, conductance, e.m.f., power, potential divider, circuits, symbols, electrical characteristics, potential dividers, resistivity,...

Teaching problem solving the unplugged way

This resource contains a variety of activities and teacher resources to help students develop their problem solving skills, these are mostly through the use of unplugged activities which also encourage the development of skills associated with creating algorithms. The resources consist of teacher guides for each of...

Hardware theory: storage device top trumps

Students will need to be given various aspects of both secondary storage devices and what is expected of them in terms of creating the top trumps themselves. As background to the task the teacher needs to start by explaining the three main types of secondary storage magnetic, optical and solid state.


Lookouts Activity 2: Spot the Plant

In this resource aimed at younger primary learners, children learn how to identify and name common plants. The activities contain a thinking walk where children are challenged to find a selection plants by matching them to The Great Plant Hunt Identikit provided. They record details about where they found the...


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