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Robotics in STEM industries

This poster provides examples of different industries that are using robotic technology. For example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Subsea
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Space

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Exploring the past

This resource introduces the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP), a three-year interdisciplinary expedition researching ancient coastlines and seafaring history of the Bulgarian Black Sea. Black Sea MAP unveiled over 60 astonishingly well-preserved shipwrecks helping write the history of...

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Working at sea

This video and associated classroom resource explores the challenges faced by the team involved in the Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP). Working offshore in the Bulgarian Black Sea, over three field seasons, Black Sea MAP...

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Solving problems at sea

This video and classroom task explores how the crew of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP) solved the problem of how to safely retrieve and store an archeological find, whilst working offshore, exploring the Bulgarian Black Sea.

The project included the discovery of the world’s...

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Career Profiles

These career profiles provide information on the wide range of people involved in the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (...

Student Survey: Linking STEM Curriculum Learning to Careers

These student surveys can be used to gain an understanding of your students perceptions of STEM careers and their aspirations for STEM further study. They are part of the STEM Learning online course, Linking STEM Curriculum...

STEM Careers Toolkit: secondary schools and colleges

The STEM Careers Toolkit for Careers Leaders in secondary schools and colleges is filled with creative ideas and practical suggestions on how to build STEM specific content into your careers strategy.


Lantra school poster

Colourful stylised poster of mountain to sea, showing Scotland's land-based and aquaculture industries. The poster would be suitable for younger secondary school students as an introduction to the variety of careers in land management, agriculture and fisheries.

Grand Challenges posters

This collection of careers related posters can be used to showcase some of the Grand Challenges that Government, universities and employers are working together to try and solve.

These posters cover four Grand Challenges:

  • ...

Why science is for me video and poster

It is important that young people think science is for them, even if they do not want to follow a "science" career.

The study of science is not just for the gifted and more able students who want a scientific career, but it is relevant to everyone for their future decision making and information processing...


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