Activity Case Studies

A collection of STEMNET case studies which profile activities completed by STEM Ambassadors. The activity case studies accompany a set of career case studies which describe the roles of the STEM Ambassadors who lead the activities. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages working in a range of STEM-related roles from apprentice engineers to geologists and nuclear physicists to zoologists. Not only do they have a lot of fun, but they get an opportunity to contribute to their local community and boost their skills and confidence.


Activity Case Study 6: Andrew Keen

In this STEMNET activity case study, Graduate Engineer Andrew Keen describes a 'real life' project that he designed for sixth formers which involved developing an engine component. The Fuel Systems Team of his company was so impressed with the project that it is now working on a prototype component.


Activity Case Study 2: Boye Odukunle

In this STEMNET activity case study, STEM Ambassador Boye Odukunle describes a mock interview day that he took part in for Year 11 students.

Boye conducted the interviews. Each one lasted 30 minutes and included giving feedback to the students about their presentation, appearance and posture. The activity...

Activity Case Study 7: Caron Malone

This STEMNET activity case study describes the many activities that STEM Ambassador Caron Malone has been involved with. These include designing and making 'intelligent clothing' with primary school children, a Smart Energy workshop and careers day talks. Caron is particularly keen to involve more girls in STEM...

Activity Case Study 8: Chris Robbins

In this STEMNET activity case study, STEM Ambassador Chris Robbins describes how he works with children and teachers on projects such as building a musical dinosaur crest out of plumbing materials. This gave pupils hands-on engineering experience and an understanding of acoustics.

"You have to learn to...


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