Activity Case Studies

A collection of STEMNET case studies which profile activities completed by STEM Ambassadors. The activity case studies accompany a set of career case studies which describe the roles of the STEM Ambassadors who lead the activities. STEM Ambassadors are volunteers of all ages working in a range of STEM-related roles from apprentice engineers to geologists and nuclear physicists to zoologists. Not only do they have a lot of fun, but they get an opportunity to contribute to their local community and boost their skills and confidence.


Activity Case Study 1: Dr Heather Williams

A STEMNET resource describing how STEM Ambassador, Dr Heather Williams, explained the physics behind CT imaging and nuclear medicine to GCSE and A Level students.

In an interactive lecture, Heather gave examples of a coronary angiography and a CT scan. She described how each works and the differences between...

Activity Case Study 2: Boye Odukunle

In this STEMNET activity case study, STEM Ambassador Boye Odukunle describes a mock interview day that he took part in for Year 11 students.

Boye conducted the interviews. Each one lasted 30 minutes and included giving feedback to the students about their presentation, appearance and posture. The activity...

Activity Case Study 3: Kate Woolley

In this STEMNET activity case study, Kate Woolley describes a construction skills day at a language college for girls. The pupils were allocated 'real' roles on which their hands-on tasks were based. Kate also gave a presentation about civil engineering, using famous buildings as examples.

Since becoming a...

Activity Case Study 4: Danny Finn

In this STEMNET activity case study, STEM Ambassador Danny Finn describes how valuable engineering role models can be for students.

Danny describes a careers event called 'What's my line?' which gave pupils a chance to speak to professionals about their work. For this event, he brought pictures and models...


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