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How I take measurements in civil engineering

Sarah is an apprentice civil engineer, in this Discover STEM video she talks about the different ways that she takes measurements when inspecting structures, including a measuring wheel, caliper, tape measure and laser measure.

STEM Careers Toolkit: secondary schools and colleges

The STEM Careers Toolkit for secondary schools and colleges is filled with creative ideas and practical suggestions on how to build STEM specific content into your careers strategy. Working through each Gatsby Careers Benchmark, it provides a...


Find your role in a mission to Mars by taking our quiz on

Introduction to Roving with Rosalind

Roving with Rosalind is an education and outreach project funded by the UK Space ...

STEM Careers Report for Teachers

This report looks at developing classroom teaching to enhance students’ learning of the STEM subjects and improve the uptake of STEM careers.

Teachers and employers taking part in the Ingenious Project prepared, either jointly, or separately, 35 classroom activities whose purpose was to place learning within...

How I use technical drawings to evaluate nuclear safety

Christine is a Nuclear Safety Inspector for the Office for Nuclear Regulation. Christine inspects nuclear licensed sites and influences safety and sustainable improvements at nuclear installations. In this Discover STEM video Christine provides examples of how technical drawings are used to evaluate the safety of...

How protein aggregation impacts drug manufacture

Leon is a postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leeds. In this Discover STEM video Leon explains what protein aggregation is and why researchers want to understand this process to prevent protein-based medicines from being damaged during manufacture.

Using nutritional research to improve the health of soldiers

Briony is a PhD student in the Food and Nutritional sciences department at the University of Reading. In this Discover STEM video Briony describes how she is using fecal samples to better understand the effect of nutrition on the health of soldiers in the United States military. Her work looks at the effects of...

Using graphs to understand social media networks

Francesca is a Mathematics Engagement Officer for the University of Edinburgh. In this Discover STEM video, Francesca explores how graphs can be used to show the networks that people have on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By understanding how people connect with each other on social...

Cloud computing

Sarah is a Cloud Advocate for Microsoft. In this Discover STEM video Sarah talks about cloud computing, including explaining the basic principles behind the technology, using terms like servers, data centres and computing power. She provides some advantages and disadvantages of using the technology and also...


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